Bonnie Fox Design

Your personal space (be it your home or your office), is a subtle reflection of who you are.

Why not have it designed to express your unique needs and singular style?

Being Focused and Detailed

As founder of Bonnie Fox Design Inc. my goal is to collaborate with you to create an environment that reflects your personality, best utilizes your space (one that is flexible and functional), and clearly addresses your needs, regardless of the project's scale, size or budget.

Whether you require a single room to be made over or an entire home, from the plans to the finished product, 'BFD will bring your vision to fruition.'

Budget, Framework and Discussion

No two clients have the same requirements or aesthetic, so during the consultation I hope to get a clear sense of your lifestyle, how you will use each room in the project, as well as your preferences in color and design.

We will also discuss your expectations including the overall budget and timeframe.

Bringing Fun to Design

There are three distinct phases to the design process:

  • In the first phase, we will review the intended use of the space, it's traffic flow and the optimum lighting for both daytime and evening.
  • We will explore style options that may be custom made, off-the-floor or both. Depending upon your taste, your choices may include a collectible* piece of art, furniture, decor or lighting from the modern, mid-century or antique time periods.
  • In the final phase, we will add the details and accessories that complete your space.

*Many of my clients add an investment piece or two to the overall design, as this makes the space uniquely their own.. Moreover, an iconic, signed or rare piece of furniture, art or decor often maintains or even increases in value over time.

Building, Fabricating and Developing

BFD can also oversee and coordinate your construction and renovations through my contacts* with experienced, licensed and trusted architects,  general contractors, electricians, plumbers and suppliers.

* Please go to contacts for a click through to the sites of some of our recommended business partners.