Collecting & curating

Collecting & curating

‘Home is where the ‘art’ is.”

This Manhattan couple was so much fun to work with. They already owned a nicely balanced collection of contemporary art and collectibles and wanted the space designed to display as much of it as they could. Being a big believer in negative space, we created separate vignettes that worked independently but moreover, when viewed as a whole created a nicely curated space.

Instead of hanging the art, we had white lacquered Italian shelves installed that coordinated with the rooms storage and media cabinets. These shelves allowed us to juxtapose objects that complimented their art.

This particular picture highlights a soothing Larry Vox abstract with a singular acrylic sculpture of an icy blue polar bear. The tall flame colored handblown glass tube to the left of the Vox is from Tsunami Glassworks.

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”– Billy Baldwin